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One Woman's Spiritual and Emotional Journey To A New Life


"Honest, unsparing, ultimately uplifting account of a passage from devastating grief to a fulfilling life alone...Stands out by virtue of the author's bravery in growing to meet the challenges of her new life."

-- Kirkus Reviews.

Interweaves scenes from her marriage with the challenges of being alone; a journey that ultimately leads to being open to new relationships, traveling solo to Italy and emerging -- not as her former self --but a new and stronger one. Both a love story and a continuing life story, this is an inspirational account of an ending that becomes a new beginning.

Singled out as recommended reading by Parade and cited by actress Anne Meara as "truly a wonderful journey [in which] we discover and grow with the author as she navigates the rapids of grief." Currently available through iUniverse.com and Amazon.com.

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Victories Over Loss

Men and women who lost a spouse or "omestic partner"  share dramatic ways they created new lives for themselves. Candid revelations of how they dealt with loneliness, survivor guilt, anger, forging a new social life and the balancing act of single parenthood. They also go further down the road into the challenge of tackling the singles scene, the complexities of new love, sex with a different partner, and dealing with a "blender family" if you remarry. Includes advice from bereavement counselors, psychologists and a sex therapist. Called a "portable support group" for everyone determined to triumph over loss. Available at Xlibris Corp.
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The story of an actor whose life is more dramatic than any role she plays on stage. It's the 1950's "Golden Age" of Broadway. Jenny, an aspiring actor, throws herself into a volatile affair with a director, despite his warning that theatre is his "favorite mistress." Abandoned by him when she's pregnant, Jenny gives birth to a girl. Within hours, the baby is spirited away by an unknown couple. A desperate Jenny vows to find her child no matter what it takes. At the same time she fights for a place in the competitive arena of theatre. Throughout, no one suspects her secret "visits" with a phantom daughter. Hosansky is a former actor, and the book features authentic backstage scenes of off-Broadway and TV in their infancy. Order through BookBaby and Amazon (print and kindle).
[Excerpt on MY WORKS page.]



Biblical heroines from a feminist viewpoint. Speaking in their own voices, they reveal how they managed to triumph in a male-dominated world. Ranging from indomitable Sarah to legendary Queen Esther, they confide frank feelings of ambition, passion and sibling rivalry -- emerging as inspiring role models for the women of today. The narratives provide built-in monologues that can be performed. Order through Amazon.



He was losing his  memory. She was determined to salvage their love and keep a connection between them until the very end. A candid memoir of a couple's fight against the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease .Includes professonal advice from a caregivers' workshop.






Anne Hosansky's short stories, articles and award-winning poems have been published in the US, Canada, England and Israel. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications; including Family Circle, Newsday, Bereavement Magazine, Institutional Investor, etc. She's given talks at major organizations and book fairs around the country. A former actor, she's a lively guest!
Available as a speaker and to lead workshops in memoir writing.
Contact ahosansky@gmail.com